About us

After working 7 years in the events and artist hospitality business as a freelancer, ModemuX was founded in june 2011 by Bjorn Ielegems.
ModemuX is speciallised in delivering artist oriented services towards events/festivals and artists themselves.  You can find more information about our services here.

ModemuX comes from the lathin verb 'Modere' which means "to advice".  If you use the verb in the 'we' form it becomes Modemus - we advice.  Change the s into the X to give it a modern twist and you have our company name.  Why this verb?  Besides the physical/on-site work that we do our main goal is to advice our clients where possible.

Althrough we are a rather young company we have almost 10 years of experience in the artist and event business.  We operate worldwide and everything is organised in such a way that we can operate from anywhere and that our clients have acces to all our systems from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, as long as there is an internet connection available.  Flexibility is a key word in this business and we always do our very best to meet up to your demands.